Red and Blue color layout tone at Every 4 years....... [Des notes sans fin φ(。。)]

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米国大統領は2期迄 3選は憲法で禁止されてます. 民主党政権が2期続けば
共和党に世論が振れるのは自然な流れです. 4年毎に視る 赤(共和党)青(民主党)
の票取り勢力は 実は 太平洋と大西洋側は 青 中西部は 赤でほぼ固定的で
今回は南部 フロリダ 五大湖周辺の Rust Belt (さびついた旧工業地帯)での勝敗が

赤の候補が一貫してリード/優勢だと報道した一つは 西海岸 Los Angeles Times

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lyrics on Show Business - Elektric Music (Esperanto) /Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk)

Set it on a talk show Put it on a video Say it on the radio But never let the truth show Acting on a feature Become a T.V. creature Put yourself in place With a smiling face Show Business, Image Politics This is the age of show business Catch an image fix. Diving through the looking glass Just like the greatest stars You don't have to be yourself Change into someone else Pace another sound byte Make a million overnight Give up your private life Spotlight shines so bright!